Keeping Us Alive- Pt. 1+Blogiversary?

Hey guys!

So, we’re back to bio today.

In this bio series, we’re gonna be talking about blood, the heart and basically circulatory systems on the whole.

The circulatory system is among THE MOST important systems in the whole body. It mostly deals with the transportation and oxygenation of blood.

This series is going to consist of 5 parts- so buckle up, it’s a loooooong ride. [I love road trips…]

What is the Circulatory System?

The Circulatory System is a system of organs that helps to circulate blood all around the body. It’s made of blood vessels- like arteries and veins- and the heart. This organ system ensures that oxygenated blood reaches every cell of the body, so that the cells can respire to make energy!

PS- If you were to lay out all your blood vessels end to end, they’d measure up to about 100,000 kilometers or 60,000 miles!

Double Circulatory Systems->

Humans have double circulatory systems. This means that blood passes through the heart twice on a single circuit. Fish, on the other hand, have single circulatory systems- the blood passes through the heart only once.

There are many advantages to having a double circulatory system. For example- blood is pumped twice, so it reaches body organs faster. This means more oxygen can be delivered quickly- which means we can move with greater speed!

Heart and Pulse->

The heart pumps blood around the body. Your pulse is actually the push of blood through your arteries! The force is so much that your arteries literally expand and recoil every time blood is forced through them.

Pulse can be measured in 2 places on the body- on the side of the neck, and the inside of the wrist.

Heart activity is measured using an ECG- electrocardiograph. That’s one looooong word… They look like this-

We won’t cover anything else today- just wanted to give you guys a background.


OK, moving on to something else-

I recieved a notification from WordPress that said “Happy Anniversary With WordPress!”

I thought it was pretty awesome, so I wanted to share it with you guys…

Thank you for sticking with me for a WHOLE year!

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