Okay, Okay… Listen Up!

Great, now I have your attention[hopefully].

So… I’m changing blog posting schedules AGAIN…

Don’t get mad. Hear me out, then feel free to yell at me.

Recently, I’ve been S W A M P E D with tests and other work as such. It’s been yoyo-ing madly between “I am legitimately DROWNING in worksheets” and “I have so much free time that I don’t know what to do with myself”.

Basically, my point here is- when I have time, I’ll post every week. And whenever I’m dying, I’ll post once every two weeks. And the only time I go on hiatus is during the exams…[WHICH WERE CANCELLED LAST YEAR!!!] My other blog’s schedule is always the same- once a week, on Fridays.

Thanks. Try not to yell at me for being so fickle with the schedules.

Bye, now. I’m writing this post during economics class[thoughts, @dr universe?].

Have a good day, ‘cos I’m not.

love always,

Published by girrrrrl_of_two_worlds

Hi! Just a nerdy girl here. Lover of science, english and learning on the whole. Working at an NGO called Fight the Bite!! Check us out here- https://www.fighthebite.org/ Spreading knowledge is one of my favorite things to do! Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ~Marie Curie

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      1. nope, school’s virtual. it makes blogging easier… xD!
        funny thing is, everyone assumes by my persona that i’ve 0 capacity to be ‘bad’. but i do. i have some SERIOUS capacity to be mean and unkind, but i prefer not to.
        and everyone assumes that i’m your typical nerd- shy, loves rules, and has no life beyond studying. yeah, i am nerdy, but i hate dumb rules. and i have a bustling, blooming life beyond studying.
        school is like, a shrine of dumb rules. our school SUFFOCATES us especially with idiotic, sexist dress codes. dr universe would know!!!!!
        sorry, that was a rant. besides, gadgets aren’t allowed in our classes, so writing this during class is basically impossible.

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      2. Ah that makes sense that it’s virtual. Was wondering how you could blog.
        I see your other sides. In your writing and poetry. You’ve a lot of depth and you don’t stick to academics.
        Hmm. I don’t think I’ve the capacity to be mean and unkind intentionally. I don’t think you are either. To be honest I don’t think anyone is. But you’ve a big heart. You’re empathetic, honest, truthful, loyal and care about what you believe. I can’t imagine you following societies rules just because everyone else follows them. I only hope and pray you keep being yourself and never let life dull your sparkle… you’re unique.

        Dr universe what’s your dress code? Is it the same for guys/gals?

        Most schools are stupid rules…. open your own!!!!!!

        Who thinks you only love studying? I think you live knowledge and that’s absolutely awesome! I also think you love nature and people and relationships.

        This is too long too.

        Love, light, and glitter

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      3. ❀ ❀ ❀
        yeah, i hate these stupid stupid rules. there was an uproar because all the girls in our grade were told not to wear sleeveless… me, being typical me, showed up to ONLINE chem class in a sleeveless top, and she made me change!!!! at my own house???!!!! talk about a LEVEL of control freaks!!!!!!!! i was sooooo angry (still am!). how dare they tell me what to wear when i am in my own house??!?!!!!!!
        no, they're NOT the same for guys and gals. guys can show up wearing clothes above knee length, but gals can't. gals can't wear sleeveless either, but apparently guys can. and all of this in a TROPICAL country, where the heat is insane…
        it's just so sexist… ugh!!!


      4. Our school’s rules are crappy to say the very least – I’m not really sure if we can wear sleeveless t-shirts but otherwise I can completely see why so many girls were pissed. What triggers me as much as that was that during our discipline briefing session, there were teachers who were not following a bunch of rules that were being spoken about. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!!

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      5. Oh. Just oh. You can’t not follow the rules! Though depends which and why. By us the girls can’t wear booties (it’s a girls only school and this rule only applies to high school) because of the competition. Like only blue or black school shoes. The rule was made when there was too much competition and parents complained. The teachers don’t need to follow that rule. And of course if there is a reason for an exemption it’s given.

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  1. Love you SG.
    Breathe. Take care of yourself. And good luck with all your work…
    I was hoping your starting early would help but seems like not.
    Sending hugs and sunshine….
    We’ll be here whenever you turn up πŸ’•

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