Gosh, You’re Overreacting!

Okay, you’re probably wondering… “What???? I’m so confused. God help, you’ve lost it.”

Agreed, I have indeed lost it, but allow me to explain.

Today’s a physics post- and I just thought I’d go over some of Newton’s laws. To be specific, his third law- every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

There’s alot of misunderstandings regarding this law- take a look at this meme, for example. [Scientific inaccuracies aside, it’s pretty hilarious]:

Reverting back to the title- “Gosh, You’re Overreacting!”, it’s really just a pun. A weird little wordplay on the third law of motion…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s move on to the actual stuff now…

But, it doesn’t really make sense.

I know. The law itself is pretty self-explanatory, but the real life implementations are trickier. Let’s take the example of this girl sitting on the ground. The force of her body is pushing against the ground. But the reason that she’s not falling right through is because the ground is pushing against her as well.

It’s not like the ground is growing a pair of hands and whacking her like, “Get off me, you imbecile.” Not at all- in fact, the ground exerts a force against gravity. Since gravity and the force that is exerted by this wall are equal, the girl is sitting still. The force that is exerted by the ground is called normal force.

The same concept can be applied to the wall that she’s leaning against- she’s leaning against the wall, and an equal amount of force is exerted by the wall on her.

The bigger the force is, the bigger the pushback. That’s why guns and cannons recoil when fired. The force required to discharge the bullet is great, and that’s why there’s a backward force exerted!

Equilibrium is when both forces are equal. When a plane flies, for example, the forward thrust and backward air resistance are not equal. The thrust created by the engines is greater, which is why the plane moves forward. If air resistance was greater, then the plane would be moving backwards!

Yeah, that’s the third law in a nutshell. It wasn’t a very long post- sorry about that. I hoped you liked it!! If you need any clarifications or have any doubts, head to the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

love always,

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  1. The car meme was super funny😂 Whenever someone asks me to teach something I go blank because I’m clueless about where to start or end😅😂 But I suppose you never have that trouble? :)))

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