Keeping Us Alive, Pt. 3- A Precious Pump…

Hey guys! I’m back to haaaaunt you’ll… [cue scary ghost noises!] Only joking. I have a hard time falling asleep, haunting somebody else is SEVERAL lifetimes away… Okay, without wasting anymore time- you’re probably wondering what I mean by “A Precious Pump.” Well, I meant the heart. Today we’re gonna talk wholly and solely about […]

A Bit of Nerdy Poetry…

Hey guys! How are you’ll doing? I hope all is good… Well, I’ve got something lovely to share with you’ll. Silver Stone@The Bored Side of the Phone wrote a hilarious and hearty bit of poetry regarding science students… I fell in love with it, and just thought to share the poem with you’ll! Please, please […]

Keeping Us Alive- Pt. 1+Blogiversary?

Hey guys! So, we’re back to bio today. In this bio series, we’re gonna be talking about blood, the heart and basically circulatory systems on the whole. The circulatory system is among THE MOST important systems in the whole body. It mostly deals with the transportation and oxygenation of blood. This series is going to […]

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