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300 Followers?! And HIGHEST Likes EVER?!

* in deep male voice, with a pronounced Texan accent * Mornin’, folks. Joking. * clears throat * AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Okay first of all WHAT. LIKE WHAT THAT DOESN’T EVEN- 300 FOLLOWERS???! AND 74 LIKES??! E R M A H G E R D!!!! [i’ll stop with the excess caps lock] Thank you soooo much! Genuinely! […]

Bloody Hell! Keeping Us Alive, Pt. 4…

Ron Weasley! He’s one of my favorite characters, especially due his tendency of swearing. I tend to swear too. Try to keep it to a minimum… Okay, I’m flying off the handle. You’re probably wondering what Ron Weasley’s iconic line, “bloody hell!” has got to do with today’s post. Well, there’s no other way to […]


Holy cow!! 1,000 comments??! That is I N S A N E!!! * screams * I whooped loudly when I read this- so much so that my mother got disturbed and asked me if I had hurt myself [which I hadn’t]. Thank you, everyone! All those who read my posts and leave their lovely comments- […]

Okay, Okay… Listen Up!

Great, now I have your attention[hopefully]. So… I’m changing blog posting schedules AGAIN… Don’t get mad. Hear me out, then feel free to yell at me. Recently, I’ve been S W A M P E D with tests and other work as such. It’s been yoyo-ing madly between “I am legitimately DROWNING in worksheets” and […]


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