Algology- Microbiology Pt. 5

Hello everyone! As you probably guessed, today's going to be all about algae. Now, most people wrinkle their noses and frown when they hear the word "algae". This is probably what they imagine- Agreed- sometimes algae can be pretty gross... But they can be gorgeous too! The image below is entirely real- it grew in [...]

Something To Check Out!

Hi everyone! I was looking through my blog feed and found a really cool and informative post on face-masks and basically everything about them. It's a simple read as well- not too long, not too complex. Just right. Anyways, I don't know how to reblog anything, so I'm just going to attach a link below [...]

Vincent Ehindero Award, and 50 followers!!!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone's doing okay in these lockdowns. How serious is the situation where you live? Anyways, something really brightened my pretty dull day yesterday- actually, two things. Okay, so thing Number 1 is that I finally, finally hit 50 total followers, so thank you to all of you'll!! I'm grateful that I've finally [...]

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