Keeping Us Alive: Pt. 5 [I’ll Be Needing Stitches…]

For those of us who don’t understand the reference in the title, it’s a song by Shawn Mendes. It is cliched, but the tunes are catchy. Give it a listen. Click here if you’d like. Anyways, you’re probably wondering what these lyrics have to do with today’s post. We’re actually gonna be talking about surgery… […]

Bloody Hell! Keeping Us Alive, Pt. 4…

Ron Weasley! He’s one of my favorite characters, especially due his tendency of swearing. I tend to swear too. Try to keep it to a minimum… Okay, I’m flying off the handle. You’re probably wondering what Ron Weasley’s iconic line, “bloody hell!” has got to do with today’s post. Well, there’s no other way to […]

Keeping Us Alive, Pt. 3- A Precious Pump…

Hey guys! I’m back to haaaaunt you’ll… [cue scary ghost noises!] Only joking. I have a hard time falling asleep, haunting somebody else is SEVERAL lifetimes away… Okay, without wasting anymore time- you’re probably wondering what I mean by “A Precious Pump.” Well, I meant the heart. Today we’re gonna talk wholly and solely about […]

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